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Renewable Energy - Power Generation Systems (Free)

Would you like to own part of a power generation business in the expanding renewable energy industry (especially at no cost) and get connected with innovative, industrious people?  This could be the best ever business investment opportunity.  If you pay income taxes, it's a no-brainer - the benefits actually begin immediately.

Unlike other businesses, here you don't have to start out behind.  As soon as you jump in, you are ahead.  This may seem unrealistic, but once you see how these investment tax credits and benefits work, and understand the value of this new power technology, and business program, like everyone you will say, "it's a no brainer." 

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Alt Energy - Income Tax Incentives cover Alternative Power Investment

Through this program, sponsored by the government, you can have the taxes you owe, or paid this and last year returned to you. Also tax liabilities going forward can be saved, keeping about 30% in cash, with the balance of around 70% invested in an income producing alternative energy, power generation system.

The federal renewable energy investment tax credit (ITC), plus deductions can cover even more than the cost of ownership in this alternative power generation system.   Purchasing equipment, or systems, gains a Federal Tax "Credit" of 100% plus asset depreciation deductions that can save an additional 20% to 60% (depending on tax bracket).  So the tax incentives alone cover the cost plus a gain in cash to the participant.  The tax dollars end up in a business asset, generating jobs, clean electric power, and income (instead of going to the IRS) sponsored by the government to encourage investments in alternative energy and domestic industries. 

How it works - some details:

The tax credit on alternative power development is 30% of the total cost of the equipment purchased, which in this case is:  $3500 (per 600 watt system).   So the credit amount is $3500 x .30 = $1050.   The company selling the equipment requires a down payment of 30% of the cost or $1050 per system, so the tax credit of $1050 equals and covers the required down payment.  Then the cost of this equipment can also be depreciated (because this is a business equipment / property investment), which produces additional savings of $300 to $1041, depending on income level and tax bracket. The balance of the equipment cost will be covered and paid by revenues from the system(s), so participants will never need to provide any additional payments.

Participants have to pay less here than what they would pay on their income taxes, and what they do pay, goes into equity in the power plant (instead of nothing, or worse) - an actual gain of more than 100%  and can be immediate.  Then the annual income to the participant is contracted to be $120 per unit, or close to 11% of the amount paid in.   Although this percentage is really much higher, as it is really all windfall - free income, since the "investment" is made by, or reimbursed by the government.

Participants need not even come up with any extra money in advance:

An Example:

Someone expecting to pay about $24,000 in taxes could eliminate this liability with the purchase of 14 units of the power plant for $14,700 (14 X $1050).  This would produce a tax credit of $14,700 (14 X $3500 X .30) plus depreciation savings of about $8750 (in a 21% tax bracket) for a total savings of $23,450.  This is a gain of $14,700 of equity in the power plant, plus  $8,750  cash in their pocket (159% return on investment - within the year). 

Participants can increase their savings & gains, by buying more systems than the amount that zeroes out their tax liability for the current year, which would give them more tax credit than they could use this year, and then use that excess credit to retrieve taxes they paid in the previous year.  Then any amount of extra credit beyond that can be carried forward for up to 20 years. 

Planning ahead, they can save their taxes first - by dropping their employee withholdings (on W-4) or the self-employed can stop paying their estimated quarterly tax payments during the year (saving that money) and then purchasing a corresponding amount in the solar power plant (after the would-be tax dollars are accumulated) and then not be required to send that money to the government.  So it is easiest and most beneficial during the year, to reduce or stop paying your income taxes (through withholdings or quarterly payments) - in order to keep your options open - to not have to come up with additional funds to make the purchase towards the end of the year, nor have to wait to get that money back.   Then, if and when you feel comfortable with this program, the company and technology, etc., and as your savings and tax liability grow during the year, you will be able to simply decide (with no financial disruption) whether you want to send that money to the IRS, or invest it in alternative power.   Although there are benefits for participating earlier in the year.

Would you like to do something of great benefit to the environment, the country and the world?  You can direct money that you would otherwise be losing, into equity in a clean renewable energy power plant and generate meaningful income for many years, while greatly benefiting society in a major effort to reduce pollution, energy prices, dependence on foreign oil, along with creating good long-term jobs in this essential industry - which greatly benefits the economy, improves the trade deficit, and increases security in the US - huge benefits all around - for everyone.

Disclaimer:  It is not our business to provide tax advice.  All statements here are for the purpose of information (only) - on possible business and tax incentives for those with the appropriate financial situation.  All interested parties are responsible for their decisions and for obtaining their own legal and tax filing advice.

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