Clean Free Renewable Solar Power


Renewable Energy - Power Generation Systems (Free)

Would you like to own part of a power generation business in the expanding renewable energy industry (especially at no cost) and get connected with innovative, industrious people?  This could be the best ever business investment opportunity.  If you pay income taxes, it's a no-brainer - the benefits actually begin immediately.

Unlike other businesses, here you don't have to start out behind.  As soon as you jump in, you are ahead.  This may seem unrealistic, but once you see how these investment tax credits and benefits work, and understand the value of this new power technology, and business program, like everyone you will say, "it's a no brainer." 

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This renewable solar thermal electric power generation system is composed of a type of extruded plastic (Fresnel) magnifying lens (22 or 30 feet in diameter) mounted on towers with associated equipment - that tracks the sun, focuses the light on a heat exchanger, and produces hot water that will power a new, patented, blade-less, efficient turbine and generator - a simple low cost system.   


Every part is made from common materials (steel and plastic only - no rare earth, nor precious metals) that can be mass produced in existing manufacturing facilities around the country.  New sophisticated expensive factories are not needed.  This is a major reason for the lower cost, and will enable the company to grow quickly.  The power plant is being built in central Utah and will be operated and maintained by a power company.   Anyone interested may visit the power plant facility (with an appointment).

Alt Energy - New Clean Renewable Power Technology (Lower Cost than Coal )

Independent scientists and engineers from 4 different universities (M.I.T., DePaul, U.C. Davis & Berkley) conducted a scientific analysis and professional white paper on this system and have judged it to be better or lower cost (roughly 4 times) than the next best solar power system.  In an area of a one hundred mile square (10,000 square miles) in the southwest desert, this system could provide electric power for the whole United States. 

Outline of the Tremendous Benefits of (this) Clean Renewable Energy Technology:


  • Enables clean low cost conversion to Electric Vehicles - seamlessly (with ZINC - AIR Batteries).
  • Enables MODULAR HOME POWER - less dependence on the grid - greater self-sufficiency & security.
  • Reduces the need for the environment & health damaging high voltage power lines.
  • Provides viable, lower cost and clean power in remote areas. 
  • Creates wealth - more for the people, than the oil & politically connected rich & controlling elite.
  • Reduces the cost of electric power and overall energy costs.
  • Reduces dependence on filthy fossil fuels, foreign oil & the money available to terrorists.
  • REDUCES POLLUTION (air, water, land), and thus health problems, healthcare costs, etc.
  • Creates valuable jobs - developing domestic industry - improving the economy & the trade deficit.
  • Takes us to energy independence - improves international relations & security in the U.S.

New, Low cost, Solar Electric Power Generation Systems

This is a very brief summary of the technologies employed here, please contact us for more information on this new solar power technology, company, the tax benefits with this program, and how you can benefit, or see the other pages of information ("Alt Energy Home"  or  "Income Tax Credits / Benefits" ).

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